About Tim Cotterill Sculptures

For artist Tim Cotterill, the shiny little frogs found in the secluded woods of his childhood in the English countryside were the beginning of a life-long fascination that has led him to be known as the Frogman. Tim’s bronze sculptures capture the whimsical character, jewel-like quality and pure joy of these beautiful little creatures. Read More About Tim Cotterill

How Bronze Frogs Are Made

Tim’s collection of bronze frogs, while giving the appearance of having been made from glass, are actually incredibly heavy, having been cast in solid bronze.

They are created following The Egyptian Lost Wax Method and a 6 step process that finally results in the stunning jewel-like patina.

You can hear Tim describe the process further in the video.


Every Frogman bronze sculpture is individually finished, signed by Tim Cotterill and numbered as part of a world-wide limited edition set. Each will be issued with a Certificate of Authenticity and we will also record the sale and limited edition details of your bronze sculpture as proof of your original purchase. Instructions for looking after your sculpture are also included on the rear of the Certificate.

Frogman-Certificate of Authenticity
Certificate of Authenticity
Edition Number and Size of Edition

The Frogman Sculptures have at least one individual number and signature applied to the underside of one of the feet as a permanent and easily recognisable sign of originality. Artist Proof sculptures also have the designation “AP” while show frogs and edition variations may have two sets of numbers if space allows on the sculpture.
See Special Edition Variations for more information about this.

The range of the Frogman bronzes available fluctuates due to worldwide demand and in addition to the general and new releases available, there are also special limited edition figures released solely for the UK ; frogs produced in unique patinas exclusively for shows and artist proof editions that are released in very low numbers to “prove the concept” in advance of a general release. See Rare Sculptures and Artist Proof Sculptures for what is currently available.

Finally, if something goes wrong and you accidentally damage your frog, don’t worry ! All the sculptures can be repaired and are completely re-coated as good as new. Just Contact Us for Details of the set prices to repair each frog.

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